About Me

I am a foodie who enjoys cooking for pleasure. I grew up in a family of four with my mum being a wonderful cook. She would have my brother and I in the kitchen and let us get our hands dirty with her home cooking. I cherish these memories together and loved our time in the kitchen watching and helping her make breads, sweets and traditional recipes for us.

As time passed, I enjoyed replicating her foodie creations at home. I would often enjoyed cooking new recipes and recreating my mum’s dishes and getting the family approval.

In my 20’s, I suffered from skin issues in particular eczema and skin inflammation. I started to focus on using food to help heal my body. I tried a number of potions and prescription drugs however, I found that by listening to, preparing healthy food and feeding my body this helped to ail my skin conditions. I really don’t follow a specific diet. I just listen to my body. I love going to markets and trying new cuisine’s then buying fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and nuts to create these recipes and enjoy the food amongst company.

My husband and I live in Melbourne. We are fortunate to have a backyard with a gorgeous veggie patch. We love to grow our own vegetables and being able to pick what we need from our backyard for cooking. We have a homely 1960’s style kitchen where I like to spend my time cooking up a storm and creating new dishes. I enjoy preparing and cooking lunches, dinners and bbq’s for our family, gorgeous friends and of course my husband.

My other hobbies include spending time outside in the garden, going to local markets, keeping active and the beach when the sun is out.

My husband and I enjoy entertaining from having a couple of friends over up to 120 people at our place. We have a big family and we enjoy having our loved ones at our home and cooking for them. I love cooking with my Thermomix and feel that it helps save me time and money in the kitchen. My Thermomix has certainly expanded my rapporteur with cooking. To learn more about my passion for Thermomix please click here.

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